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  • Website: http://www.ecmi.de
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  • Phone: +49 461 1414 970
  • Fax: +49 461 1414 919
  • Address: Schiffbruecke 12, D-24939 Flensburg, Germany, Germany, Flensburg
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Library information


The ECMI Library offers a highly specialized collection on inter-ethnic relations, minority issues and ethnic conflict in Europe. The Library is especially strong in the area of minority protection with regards to international law. It also includes a useful reference section and a considerable amount of published and unpublished reports dealing with the subjects mentioned above. The reports are categorized according to subject and according to organization. Current periodical and newspaper subscriptions reflect the multidisciplinary nature of ECMI research. The cataloging records of the ECMI Library are enhanced in the sense that all foreign language titles are translated into English, with many of the records containing brief descriptions in English.

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